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- Stanislav Mikuš -

 Academic Sculptor

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He was born on 22th November 1953 in the Slovak Republic in the city of Handlová. Between 1969 and 1973, he studied at the Artistic-Industrial High School in Kremnica, Slovakia, specializing in industrial design. From 1974 to 1980, he studied at the College of Fine Arts in Bratislava. After completing basic preparation, he focused on the studies of Prof. R. Pribiš in the Department of Relief Sculpture.

Since completing his studies, he has worked in free professions – he is implementing an extensive set of sculptural works in architecture, in the area of monument and memorial formation, as well as in the area of free formation – with special emphasis on the figural female torso, nudes, or, more precisely, composition. He is also dedicated to the non-traditional layering of decorative sculpture, or more precisely the composition of architectonic objects, genre composition, useful aspects of free sculptural work designed for gardens, and interior decorative sculptural work – in the area of glass, ceramics, bronze, stone, and specifically malleable and moulded materials and structural metals.

He has realized an extensive collection of works in the area of sculptural portrait and monument formation, which is dedicated to national activists, traditions and movements related to Matica Slovenská. Also appreciable and notable are his initiatives related to sacral topics and motives – they are dedicated to the Cyril and Methodius traditions, as well as Christological motifs and values. Also remarkable are his art and artistic initiatives, conceptual activities and especially the, thus far, implemented collection and range of diverse and impressive sculptural creations which he, as the author of truly inventive works, applied in the completion of Bratislava.

Between 2000-2009, the artist has concentrated on sculptural monumental formation, specifically sculptural formation in Slovak architecture, the formation of exterior creative sculptural compositions, a sculptural group and a diverse collection of sculptural works. His formation also focused on exterior monuments, plaques, sculptures and busts. Between 1983 -2009, Stanislav participated in domestic, thematic and group exhibitions in Slovakia. From 1984 till present, the artist has been participating in collective exhibitions as well as his solo authorial exhibitions abroad. The artist is currently active in Slovakia and also in Switzerland.

Since 2017, the artists has recently participated on the collective art exhibition in the Gallery Kraus in Zurich, where he presented his new art creation of glass sculptures and his unique work of art vases. This art collection is also planned to be exhibit by the artist at the international art fair ‘RHY ART FAIR 2018’ in Basel this year.

1984 – 2007, Authorial exhibitions, specifically participation in collective exhibitions abroad:

1984 – Volgograd, Moscow, Kazan

1985 – XII. World Festival of Youth and Students, Krakow

1985 – XII. World Festival of Youth and Students, Moscow

1985 – Exhibition called “Man of our time”, Prague

1988 – Formation of young people, Moscow

1989 – Art-Gallery Kalvestr, Amsterdam

1990 – Current Czechoslovak medal and small sculpture – Chinese National Library, Beijing

1990 – Current Czechoslovak medal and small sculpture – Gallery, Novosibirsk

1990 – Oesterreichisch-Slovakisches Kulturinstitut, Schloss Potzneusiedl a Galerie Mitte

1991 – S. Mikuš – bronzes, Tel Aviv

1991 – Bratislavaer Kuenstler, Austrotel Hotel – Felber Strasse Wien

1991 – Slovakische Maler der Gegenwart, Tschecho-slowakischen Handelszentrum, Frankfurt an Main

1992 – S. Mikuš – bronzes, Tel Aviv

2007 – Slowakische Kunst gegen Faschismus – Werte und Varmächtnisse, Slovak Institute in Vienna

2015 – Glass Sculptures and Vases – Sense Art Switzerland, Zürich

2017 – Glass Sculptures and Vases – Gallery Krause, Zürich-Pfäffikon

2018 – Glass Vases, Slovak House, The Winter Olympics PyeongChang 2018, Seoul

2018 – Glass Sculptures and Vases, RHY Art Fair 2018, Basel

2018 – Glass Sculptures and Vases, Glas Art Gallery, Zürich 

2018 – Bronze Sculptures and Glass Vases, the International Modern Art Exhibition, Seoul