About Sense Art


Sense Art collaborates with international academic artists wishing to present their art works in Switzerland. Apart from the web presence, Sense Art intents to organize art exhibitions for their interested artists at networked galleries and art events in Switzerland and also abroad.

The presented artist by Sense Art is the Slovakian academic sculptor – Stanislav Mikus. Stanislav has almost 40 years of experience in sculptural creation and has participated in many domestic and foreign exhibitions since 1984. Stanislav is implementing an extensive set of sculptural works in architecture in the area of exterior monument, memorial formation and creative sculptural compositions.

Stanislav is also active in the area of free formation such as interior decorative sculptural work with special emphasis on the figural female torso, nudes, or, more precisely, composition. The artist’s preferred materials are glass, ceramics, bronze, stone, and specifically malleable and moulded materials and structural metals. Since 2015, Stanislav has been concentrating on his innovative glass sculptural formation which allows him to combine diverse of colours into his art work.

Sense Art has presented the artist’s ‘Glass Sculptures and Art Vases’ exhibition in Zurich in 2017, in PyeongChang during the Winter Olympics 2018, and also at the RHY Art Fair 2018 in Basel.

Stanislav art work can be currently seen at Glass Art Gallery in Zurich.

We are currently preparing Stanislav’s new bronze sculptural creation for the International Modern Art Exhibition at the KEPCO Art Center Gallery. This international art fair is organized by Galery Harang and will take place in Seoul, Republic of Korea.

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